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The sun?!?! What is it? April 20, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in baseball, bathroom humor, funny, humor, new york city, random references, sarcasm, sports, television, video.

Is that the sun we have shining? Can’t be!

“The Sun! What is it?”

“It’s a big, fiery ball in the center of our solar system, but that’s not important right now!”

(10 bonus points for whoever names the movie reference)

It feels like the last time I saw the Sun I was in Aruba

Anyway it’s seriously been like what a month without having mostly cloudy skies and rain? I was beginning to think we were living in Lower Uncton! (very random Married with Children reference if you didn’t get it.)

Anyway, not to gross anyone out, but my stomach was killing me for some reason this am. Maybe it was the combination of having a few beers last night along the plate of hummus I ate for dinner combined with an omelette this morning and a large tea. Anyway, to spare you the details the results weren’t pretty in the bathroom this morning. As I’m walking out of the stall to wash my hands, a guy walks into the bathroom unsuspectedly. Now, I don’t know if the stench was all that bad since the shit basically just exploded out of my ass, but the guy walked into the same stall I just used. Sorry dude. My bad.

That’s probably one of the worst feelings. Knowing you’ve basically just walked into a trap. And that unwanted “warm toilet” feeling (I touched on this subject last month if you missed it.) The worst part was someone had basically clogged the other toilet so this was the only option he had (in case he needed to switch stalls).

I know I’ve touched on this subject many times before (much to your dismay I’m sure) but bathroom stalls should have a warning system on them that notifies you how long its been since the last person used the stall. Maybe the door can turn red if the stall was just used (as a red warning light to not go in there). Maybe an orange colored door would mean be warned, the shitter was just used within the last 15 minutes. A green colored door could mean that coast is relatively clear, shitter hasn’t been used within 30 minutes.

Something to think about maybe if you’re a bathroom stall door manufacturer?

Anyway, since it’s Friday, its time to humor you with a funny video. Today’s video comes courtesy of Bill Simmons’ Sports Guy blog. An american baseball player gets hit by a Japanese pitcher and charges the mound. Unlike baseball in the states where the pitcher stands in and tries to defend himself, this pitcher decides to turn tail and run away. Pretty humorous, especially the teammates trying to cut the enraged player off so he won’t get to the pitcher.

Click here to play the video

Enjoy your weekend of fun in the sun (for those who haven’t seen it in a while like anyone living in NYC). Go Yanks – Beat the Sawx!



1. roger - April 20, 2007

dude…sick. again with the “shit”? haha

btw i believe that is an airplane movie reference?

2. gary - April 20, 2007

you know…just when i thought it was safe to read this blog again with having to throw up in my mouth!

3. ace - April 20, 2007

i think that’s an airplane reference???

4. gary - April 20, 2007

sorry it should read without having to throw up in my mouth! oops! haha

5. candice - April 20, 2007

ewwwww gross…although you’re right about the warning systems. that would be helpful!

6. dean - April 20, 2007

ummm….yeah. great. thanks!

7. mr. blogger - April 20, 2007

I’ll take Airplane for $200 please

8. whatpushesmybuttons - April 20, 2007

partial credit for roger, ace and mr. blogger: it’s actually an Airplane II reference.

dean: nice office space reference?

mr. blogger: the answer is the mayflower.

9. roger - April 20, 2007

ahh…airplane II that’s right. my bad

10. mr. x - April 20, 2007

looks like the shit really hit the fan! nice married w/ children reference btw….i remember that episode!

11. janet - April 20, 2007

eewwwww…grossy. i hate bathroom humor! hah.

12. howard - April 20, 2007

completely right about the bathroom stall doors changing colors. that would be clutch!

13. dean - April 20, 2007

unintentional office space reference!

14. anonymous - April 20, 2007

This blog’s really gone to shit!

This blog stinks!

Shit, this blog sucks.

15. chuck - April 20, 2007

i feel bad for that SOB that had to follow you in the bathroom….i agree…that’s a terrible feeling!

16. phil - April 20, 2007

seems like your ass explodes alot! hah

17. h-dog - April 20, 2007

maybe by seeing how much paint has peeled off the door you can tell how bad the person shitting before you was?? 🙂

18. tiffany - April 20, 2007

you guys are all gross!!

19. candice - April 20, 2007

that’s right tiff = us girls always smell like roses 😉

20. anonymous - April 20, 2007

i guess they start making shit-scented roses then huh?

21. candice - April 20, 2007

ha ha..very .funny anonymous…whoever the f you are…what’s with the broken english? trying to sound like Borat?

22. roger - April 20, 2007

I like to talk about toilet. High Five!

23. candice - April 20, 2007

hahaha…nice roger

24. dan - April 20, 2007

more talk about toilet ok? i like.

25. thos - April 20, 2007

What’s your vector victor?

One question jetray, do you like it when scraps rubs up and down your leg?

will be at the Fens on sat and sun


26. Rudy - May 22, 2007

Aruba is number 1…….

Check this out:

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