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No spoon for you March 30, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in asshole of the day, eating, food, lunch, opinion, restaurant, sports, stupidity, subways, video, world news.

So, I go to buy some Chicken Noodle Soup (not for the soul but for my throat) from Silo Cafe yesterday (which is simply been packed to the hilt recently thanks to its vast array of culinary options including a build your own pasta station, pizza, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, salad bar, build a salad, sushi bar and other treats. Shameless plug I know. But honestly the place doesn’t need a plug. Its hopping!). Anyway I return to my desk and take out said soup. I dig into the bag and pull out a fork.

No spoon for me!

Wait…fork? No spoon? Umm…Oswipe? Fork? Thanks…thanks alot. Good thing we have spoons here if not i’d be bobbing for noodles. Actually I ended up pretty much just drinking down the broth anyway. But still, even a spork would’ve been useful.

Anyway, I’m sure our friends across the pond saw this…but the rest of us may have not. This guy skiied down the longest escalator in the London Tube.

Click here to watch the video

Nearly a million people have watched this video already. God bless the internet. Makes you famous in a nanosecond. Although his stunt has drawn outrage from British officials and British media, deeming the stunt “dangerous” and “life threatening”. I happen to think the stunt was cool…although why would you want to ruin a pair of skis that way? Anyway, I won’t condemn the stunt because I’ve videotaped myself skiing before. Although unlike him I didn’t have a helmet cam. Nor was I hurtling full speed down an escalator. What would have been funnier is if he knocked some people over on his way down. But I’m sure what you don’t see is people being held back from the scene for safety. You mean to tell me no one was on the escalator? I think my favorite part is the looks he gets from people. Like what the hell is this bloody wanker doing with skis on in the tube.

I’m sure we’ll have tons of copycat stunts around the world now. Actually there’s a pretty long subway escalator on the E/F train transfer at 51st Street. Maybe this guy can ski down that! Although since that’s been there, done that, how about someone attempt to jump over the Great Wall of China on a skateboard?  Or jump off the Empire State Building with a parachute?

Uh hmm…Dr. Evil.  That too also has happened. 

Shit.  Throw me a frieken bone here people, ok? I’m the boss…need the info.

Ok, so how bout this.  Has anyone ever skied down one of the pyramids in Egypt??? Anyone?  Huh?  Thought so!

Of course I don’t want to take the blame if someone actually does that stunt.  But would be hellacool to see!



1. bethany - March 30, 2007

no spoon! one year! haha

2. roger - March 30, 2007

nice…i was just gonna say didn’t danny way jump over the great wall!

3. dean - March 30, 2007

been frozen for 30 years huh?

4. mr. blogger - March 30, 2007

that would be awesome to see…i’m sure someone will bust that stunt out soon…although right afterwards they’d be hacked to death by egyptians with machetes.

5. candice - March 30, 2007

ya know, right now i’m thinking of the soul food soundtrack…don’t ask why. “tenderness is like food to the soul” or something like that. don’t ask…in a weird mood today

6. trent - March 30, 2007


7. gary - March 30, 2007

I like it when you talk about shit better! 🙂

8. whatpushesmybuttons - March 30, 2007

Gary: I know…I know… everyone likes the bathroom humor.

Candice: a little disturbed by your reference. but for the record, you’re referring to Boyz II Men’s “A song for Mama” where they say: “Loving you is like food to my soul”.


Trent: Yes! Yes! Fork you! Fork you too!

Roger: Yes, Danny Way hopped the great wall. And some crazy SOB tried to jump off the empire st. building in a parachute last year.

9. Ski Bum - April 20, 2008

I would like to see someone ski down the pyramids, I’d even use the excuse to take a vacation to Egypt and watch it.

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