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Heaven = Sauget, Illinois March 23, 2007

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Ok, so why wasn’t I informed of this sooner??  Friends? You out there? No one heard about this?  Apparently there’s a minor league team in Illinois (Independent League) that has a themed food item every year they sell in their concession stands.  Last year the team had a burger called “Baseball’s Best Burger” which was a burger topped w/ cheddar and bacon. Before you think that’s ordinary, the bun was no ordinary bun.  It was a…….drumroll please…..a sliced Krispy Kreme donut!  Awesome! That’s what I’m talking bout! Close those arteries!

Use this link to view the story about the Krispy Kreme burger


In past years this minor league outfit has used unusual food items to draw crowds to their games.  In the past few years they have had themed hotdogs. In 05 they had a concoction called a “Swiss Brat”, which was a Brat w/ melted swiss cheese and sauerkraut.  In 2004, they launched their themed food tradition with “Baseball’s Best Hotdog”, a black angus hot dog with bacon, onions and cheese sauce.  As Rachel Gay would say, “Yum-O!”

So for this year the team decided to go after my own heart.  They are using a term dubbed “Baseball’s Best Sliders”.  But they are not just using any old ground beef or a frozen “Topps” patty.  Nope.  They are using a WHITE CASTLE burger!!! (those who read this blog know that’s my favorite).  As if just serving the White Castle burger wasn’t enough, they are battering the burger and deep frying it!!!  (unfortunately they’re not wrapping it in a pepperoni pizza like Taco Town does). 

Could you imagine how good this must taste?  Well, the folks at CNBC had a platter of the fried White Castles in their studio for a taste test.  Darren Rovell, one of their reporters, put together the story on his blog, Sports Biz.  Click the image below to view the article and video of the segment they did on the air with a taste


I may have to make a side trip to Sauget when I make a trip out to Sparta, IL either this summer or in August.  They only make them in small batches each game so I’ll make sure I’m first in line.  Although not sure if I’ll be able to polish off these bad boys like I do regular White Castle’s, especially since they’re estimating 600 calories and 40 grams of fat per serving (two burgers).  Could you imagine trying to polish off a Crave Case?  That shit would be insane.  If you got a Crave Case (30 pack) of these deep fried sliders, the caloric count would be 9,000 calories, 600 grams of fat!  Awesome!  At least if I drop dead on the spot due to my arties clogging, I’ll be dying in “heaven”.

Anyway, time to gear up for more NCAA basketball action this weekend.  If last night’s game were any indication, we’re in for some nail biters this weekend!




1. Gary - March 23, 2007

Dude, your blog is the best. Hysterical Shit. Keep up the good work!

2. Carrie - March 23, 2007

I love your blog. It’s among my favorites! Keep us laughing

3. Sid - March 23, 2007

Awesome…after one bite I’d probably drop dead…but well worth it!

4. Chris - March 23, 2007

Sid: you’re right…if you’re gonna go down, it should be at the hands of the Castle.

5. Anonymous - March 23, 2007

Pass me the Alka Seltzer!

6. candice - March 26, 2007

OMG…talk about a heart attack!!!

7. mr. blogger - March 26, 2007

i think i may need those food ray blocking sunglasses…just looking at that krispy kreme burger i feel like i’m 10 pounds heavier

8. bethany - March 27, 2007

um…i think i’ve driven through sauget before…it’s definitely not heaven 🙂

9. whatpushesmybuttons - March 27, 2007

Bethany: ok, did some research, and looks like you’re right. I’ll make a post blog note tomorrow 🙂

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[…] So I have a confession to make.  Apparently I was wrong.  Sauget, IL does not equal Heaven as I previously stated.  In fact it looks like it’s the exact opposite based on this […]

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[…] Cuban’s idea centers around taking lower round draft picks to populate the league, which will save on having to pay high salaries to players. I actually thought about that point after the recent draft. How many NFL players drafted below the 3rd round actually get a chance to play? I mean not to say you don’t have “gems” later in the draft (i.e. Tom Brady) or guys that weren’t drafted at all (i.e. Tony Romo), but by and large most guys drafted end up on practice squads or playing in Europe. So conceivably this idea of another league, which if they do it right should be positioned as a development league, could stick. Not to say it’ll be popular as NFL football on Sundays…but if minor league baseball works…then why not “minor league football?”. People love to tailgate. As long as they kept ticket prices down and did some zany local market promotions (like the minor league baseball team in Sauget with the deep fried White Castles at their concessions). […]

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