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Frisky Dingo March 13, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in comedy, humor, television, video.

So for those who haven’t seen this show on Adult Swim…which I assume is most of you, you’re missing one of the better animated comedies to come out in years (except for Family Guy of course).  Even better is that it’s a comedy that appeals to the heart of us media professionals. 

The quick synposis if you’re interested:  the story is centered around a villian named Killface.  Killface is plotting to take over the world.  He hires a direct marketing team to get his message out.  That’s the basis of the two clips below (first two clips in the series).  Other characters are introduced throughout the series, and you can find more video on either onFrisky Dingo or Adult Swim

Even if you’re not a fan of animated comedies, those in the advertising profession will laugh at some of the jokes, including the usage of the term media buy, the calculation of households reached in both a television and a direct marketing campaign and a shot at postcards, which Killface refers to as “the dry hump of marketing campaigns”.  Hysterical.  Anyway, if you haven’t seen, these are the first two episodes of the show…6 minutes each.  Enjoy and hopefully you’ll get hooked like everyone else has!

Episode 1, part 1: 

(you’ll need to be logged in to view the above clip due to language “unsuitable” for most rodents)

Episode 1, part 2



1. Ace - March 23, 2007

Great Show….one of my favorites.

2. bob - March 26, 2007

awesome show!

3. candice - March 26, 2007

“Postcards are the dryhump of marketing campaigns” hahahaha

4. mr. blogger - March 27, 2007

good stuff. need to watch the other episodes.

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