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Avi, Chris, Shye & Tom Go To White Castle February 26, 2007

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Avi, Chris, Shye & Tom Go To White Castle

So in honor of Avi’s 82nd…i mean 32nd bday this past weekend, we had a little get together in the city. Avi’s brother Shye and “adopted brother” Tom made the trek down from Beantown for the occassion. We “pregamed” at my apartment with some drinks and some Nintendo (Super Tecmo Bowl, Ice Hockey, Double Dribble, etc). Avi and Lauren (Avi’s girlfriend) were playing some drinking game with dice that didn’t make any sense at all. I guess the point was to pick a number between 2 and 12 and if the roll of the dice wasn’t that number you had to drink that amount you said (obviously a very pro drinking game). At one point Lauren asked me to pick a number. I quickly blurted out 2. Quote Avi “that’s the stupidest number…” followed by Lauren saying “oh my god it’s a 2”. Ha. What are the odds that she would roll a snake-eyes?? (Actually the odds are 1 in 36 for all of those who are wondering. I’ll save you the trouble of counting or googling it). Anyway it was a pretty funny moment and something that will go down in the annuals of the all time greatest “calls”. I’m also going to play mega millions on Tuesday just in case it was a sign of luck!

After getting liquored up, we officially celebrated the festivities at BB&R on the UES (that’s Blonde, Brunette and Redhead on the Upper East Side for those not in the know). The night was fun…filled with triple shots of jagermister and an experiment with Brazilian rum and coke (which you should stay away from trust us…tasted like raw sugar from someone’s ass – not that i know what that tastes like).

Anyway, Shye had never been to White Castle before and even though he’s had opportunities to go, he was waiting to visit the Castle with the world’s foremost expert on White Castle (that would be me of course). So we decided to “break his cherry” in style with a few WC novices (Tom and Avi). Avi was present last time I was at the WC in which I ate about 10 burgers in about 20 seconds…before Avi even had his second.

With Harold and Kumar being locked away and no where to be found, it was up to the four of us to represent at White Castle

Being that we were all under the influence we decided that a case of 30 should be a good amount for us to split. Plus a sack of chicken rings (the best thing on the menu if you haven’t tried). Avi wanted to push to 40 burgers (10 a piece), actually he wanted the sack of 100 but that would’ve been asking for death on a platter. So we convinced him 30 was enough.

As we were waiting for our order these two other guys (white I may add) were in there. They were a perfect match for David Spade and Chris Farley…so much so that the Spade dude was saying “look at my friend…look how fat he is” with the Farley dude rubbing his stomach for emphasis. Very bizarre. But being that was 3am in the WC nothing surprises you. And with the four of us and the two of them that was 6 white people in white castle. Probably a new record in East Harlem. And further proving my point that the gentrification of Harlem is on – just take a look at the Apollo one night…50% white. (Side note, another funny story that you just had to be there for was a night Avi and I hit the castle at 4am after a night of drinking. In walks this girl who was definitely a 10…one of the hottest girls we’ve seen and definitely one of the hottest girls to ever step foot in a White Castle. Especially in East Harlem. In fact, the funny part was the young (and large) black male working behind the counter was staring at her so hard, his headset fell off his face onto the ground and he barely even moved. That was comedy.)

Anyway, the girl behind the counter announces our order is ready. I look for a bag and don’t see anything. Suddenly she slaps a suitcase on the counter. A suitcase. Awesome. I mean imagine going to a business meeting and plopping that down on the counter. Or an drug transaction where the case was filled with burgers instead of cash.

Shye and the Crave Case

The unveiling of the holy grail

We proceeded to plow through them…or at least I did, having 6 before anyone could even remove the first one from their sleeve. I slowed down to make sure I shared the wealth (and that I didn’t puke on the spot). When all was said and done, the table was filled with nothing but empty cartons and a few crumbs. I had 9 and the other guys had 7 a piece. Not bad. Definitely soaked up all the alcohol and then some.

Showing off my world championship form

Good stuff…although not so good for our systems or my toilet, but definitely a successful first venture to the WC for Shye. Welcome to the brotherhood my friend.
Shabbat shalom.



1. Anonymous - February 26, 2007

Awesome dude. You’re the man. How’s the stomach treating you??

2. Thos - February 26, 2007

jonesin for some chicken rings

3. olore - February 27, 2007
4. Chris - March 1, 2007

Holy crap Olore…I’ll have to blog about that.

5. Roger - March 1, 2007

Nice…good movie…should’ve had a camera crew there to witness the gorgefest.

6. neil from the uk - March 2, 2007

I’ll have to watch that movie now to get the reference.

7. younghova - March 8, 2007

I love me some White Castle.

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9. mr. blogger - March 26, 2007

Funny stuff…When’s the movie???

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