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View from the top February 15, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in food, humor, new york city.

On Saturday, Paul, Ann Marie, Bridget & I played tourist. We took the NBC Studio Tour which I haven’t done since Jr. High School. It was fun…went into the dateline studios and also the NBC Nightly News studio. Anyone who knows me knows I enjoyed that one, since the whole Tom Brokaw/Opie and Anthony skits are one of my favorites. I busted out a few “Tom Broke kaw, NBC, Knight ley News” that brought a few chuckles from the group. Ok, maybe only from myself. But it was funny. Trust me.

Anyway, we happened to see SNL filming one of their segments which was fun. Although we were behind the pane glass windows so couldn’t hear what was going on.
Unfortunately for me no Don Pardo sightings although I did see him last time on the tour 13+ years ago, in which I blurted out “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night” in my Don Pardo voice (i have one of the best Pardo impersonations I know of – just ask Coogan). Paul got to be a volunteer to read the news from a telepromter which was funny. I passed on being a volunteer, although I could have done the weather like Ollie from Family Guy (ITS GONNA RAIN!). But I’m sure no one would’ve gotten the joke besides Paul and I.

Then we went over to the Top of the Rock which I hadn’t been up to before. It was really cool. I like the fact that their are multiple levels to view the city from so not everyone is crammed together. Also they have plexiglass to shield the wind in certain spots which is definitely cool. You can also sit indoors and admire the view as well. I think it’s actually better than the Empire State Building because a) you can see the ESB b) you have the view of Central Park. Definitely worth it. Here’s some of the pics I snapped on my cell phone of the view (click for a larger albeit low res view):

Coming soon…I was recently asked by Erika what the best chicken parm place was in the city. I blurted out my favorites, Bella Napoli, Magniero’s for chicken parm hero. My chicken parm, Bella Napoli, Coppola’s, Tony DiNapoli’s, as some of the favorites for chicken parm plates. But I want to go on a quest to find the best chicken parm in the city (much like Time Out New York did to find the best pizza). So if you know of any places or have any suggestions please let me know.



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