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Kosher Chinese January 25, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in critique, eating, food.

So the other day I had something interesting for lunch…Kosher Chinese. The place is called Eden Wok on 34th btw Park and Madison.

A little fancier than your typical chinese takeout complete with semi open kitchen layout and a sushi bar. I opted for the chinese favorite chicken and cashews with an egg roll. Looking into the kitchen it was the typical chinese crew, plus an orthodox jew with his hat on and everything. Being the kitchen is hot, he didn’t have his jacket on, but still was in the get up. I just hoped his curls didn’t catch on fire!

The prices were a little high…and apparently there’s a rabbi present at all times to look over the cooking process. Someone was actually looking for the rabbi. But he was “downstairs”. Doing what rabbis do in their spare time?? Who knows.

Anyway the chicken and cashews was very good. Soft chicken, good crisp cashews. The dish was loaded with green peppers and other green crunchy things. But overall not bad. The rice was a little bland. Got brown rice. Even soy sauce couldn’t revive it. The egg roll sucked. Too rubbery and didn’t have that crunch that most true egg rolls have. Best part was the fortune cookie. Nice and crisp. Although the fortune was traditional. Complete with lotto “lucky” numbers and “learn chinese”. Where was learn Yiddish? or Hebrew? I guess you could only cross over so much. By the way, I wonder how many people play their chinese fortune cookie numbers on the lotto? Has anyone ever won a jackpot that way? Would be curious to find out.

In conclusion, I would give Eden Wok a B-. Good place to sit and eat (plenty of tables) and takeout is quick. But $8.50 for chicken and cashews and another $2 for an egg roll is a pretty penny for glorfied chinese takeout. It would make a good date place for all those young jewish kids struggling to make a buck. Or if you were still in school. Maybe you could even splurge on some sushi. Although, sorry folks, no gilfilte fish rolls or matzoh ball tempura. Now that would be Kosher Sushi!



1. arbitrage-ppc - August 3, 2007

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