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Back from the World of Guns January 19, 2007

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in American Idol, food, humor, video.

So I’m finally back from Orlando…after spending a week at the SHOT Show, which is the annual trade show devoted to all things outdoors. Guns, Ammo, Apparel, you name it. It’s a hunter’s paradise with everything from rifles, shotguns to binocs and decoys. Plus you get to play with things…it was cool picking up a $5,000 shotgun since I’ve probably only held a $5 beebee gun before!

Anyway, not that i’m turning into a redneck, but after a full week at the show i’m trying not to talk with a twing. It’s an infectious accent really. Plus can’t tell some of these people I’m a Yankee…wouldn’t be good for business 🙂

Anyway met a chef down there who was cooking up some treats. He had Elk steaks in a blueberry marmalade sauce. Really, really good. And some Venison steaks as well. Good stuff. He said he’s the best wild game chef in the country. Although we have a few good ones on staff at Field & Stream. So now I’m working on creating an Iron Chef style smackdown involving Wild Game. Actually we’re gonna pull Mario Batali into it as well since we did a feature on him and he’s a big Wild Game guy. If I can help pull that off this will be awesome. Plus I want to be a judge. hah.

Anyway besides that haven’t had much time to blog, let alone think these days…but hopefully i’ll be able to catch up with y’all soon (there goes the twang again). I’m supposed to fly out to Seattle on business soon so that’ll be cool. Especially since American Idol aired with the first two episodes in Seattle. Got me more in the mood to go out there and watch some salmon getting tossed around at the market.
Idol was Funny stuff if you haven’t seen it. The best parts are always the first few episodes. I nearly pissed my pants at some of these people. If you haven’t seen it you can check out some of the recap here:



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