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29 Year Old Virgin September 15, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in celebrities, critique, funny, humor.

Ok…so apparently this girl Sarah has enlisted the help of Jane magazine to help her get laid before her 30th bday. Apparently you can recommend guys to go out with her and even vote on some candidates. Sounds like a shameless PR blitz to me…but nonetheless feel free to check it out, I’ve heard she’s a pretty entertaining writer. She writes about her dates and dating in general:


Also in passing through the hood this am I heard two teenage girls talking about a guy one girl said “Damn his dick be small”. Haha. Nice to hear at 8:30 am on a Friday. But it got me thinking maybe we need to come up with new childrens books to edumicate these fine young teenagers at an early age. Here are some suggestions on book titles if anyone from Random House or Putnam Press is reading:

“Daddy what’s that moving in your pants?”
“Mami, why does you call every guy your Papi?”
“Daddy, why don’t you wrestle like that with Mommy?”
“Mommy how come you walking funny”
“Mommy, how come I’m older than you?” (Although that one requires some thought)



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