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Wussiest songs ever September 9, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in celebrities, critique, fashion, funny, humor, music, nostaglia, opinion, random references, sex, shower songs.

So in browsing the web, I was playing around on AOL’s Music and Video site. Not bad content actually. And a pretty funny special they had this week:  The 111 Wussiest songs ever. Right up there with my ultimate wedding and shower songs. And unlike ITunes or other music sites, AOL actually lets you play the entire song too. Very cool!

So without further adieu…here’s the link. Starting with #111:

Not gonna go through all of them, but here’s some of the songs I disagree with in the countdown:

#101: I’m Into Something Good. I mean come on…how can you say anybody at some point in their life has sung the chorus gleefully: (High Voice) “Ooooh…something tells me i’m into something…(low voice) something tells me i’m into something gooooddddd. Oooh”

#100: I’m Just Dying in Your Arms Tonight. Don’t consider it wussie as much as I do a Monster Jam. “I’m Just Dying in your arms tonight…must have been something you said…I should have walked away…SHOULDA WALKED AWAY”. Great underrated shower song too I may add!

#98: Against All Odds. Phil Collins? Wuss? Well, yes, but don’t dis the man. He’s made his living off wussie songs like “Ssuedio”. I mean how wussie does saying “Sue Sue Suedio” sound? But Against All Odds is the shit. Nevermind that I know every word of the song. “Take a good look at me now oh”…powerful stuff. Another great shower song. Why wasn’t this on my shower list???
Although the picture looks wussie…Against All Odds is NOT a Wussy song

#87: Open Arms. I mean it’s no Don’t Stop Believin’ but it’s Journey. Wussy is what they do.

#80: Friday I’m in Love. The Cure was never soft…so they went the ballad route. And it landed them on this countdown. Although I think it falls under the Monster Jam category.

#74: I Want to Know What Love Is. I don’t need to defend Foreigner. Take them off this list.

Btw..just to interject, I’m watching Fashion Rocks on CBS and I heard the worst singer ever. This guy was signing the whole song in Falsetto like Andy Gibb. Elton John was on the piano. This no talent ass clown jumped onto the piano while Sir Elton was playing! Don’t you have to have talent to jump onto Elton’s piano? I mean really. Has Elton John become that desparate for money that he lets some talentless punk jump all over his piano? I guess the answer is yes.
Elton used to be the man…until he let people jump on his piano

Anyway back to the countdown.

#28: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. No other song can make you feel happy and giddy inside. None! So we didn’t know George Michael was gay at that time. Don’t hold it against WHAM. Off the list they should go.
It was hard to believe George Michael is GAY. But in retrospect I guess we should have saw that coming!

#24: All Out of Love. Air Supply was the best at the power ballad. So why call them Wussies? That’s like calling Oprah a talk show host. We know she is. Thanks.

#11: Hello. Ok. No one calls Lionel Richie a wuss! Lionel’s the man, even if his “daughter” is causing him some negative press. At least he could say she’s adopted. But Lionel did redeem himself with that “Your my angel..my miracle…you’re all i need” dance song that made it’s way around the Wedding circuit for a few years. I’d say that was a much wussier song than Hello. Go to any Karoake bar and you’ll hear Hello at least once a night.

#7: What’s Left of Me. You know I have to defend my boy Nick Lachey. Even if this song is incredibly sappy and wussy. Hopefully his next album is not so god damn mopey. So Nick, if you’re reading…go back to the 98 degrees days please. Thanks.

#1: Shiny Happy People. You can’t seriously put REM at #1? Really?? It’s a feel good song just like the Wham’s Wake Me up Before you Go-Go. I mean I know “You’re Beautiful” and “I Want It That Way” are in the top 20, but you mean to tell me R.E.M is more wussie than the Backdoor Boys? I beg to differ. Who would you rather pick to win a fight…Michael Stipe or any of the Backdoor Boys?? Exactly.

You’re calling Stipe a wuss? Stipe would kick any of the Backdoor Boys asses!

Anyway enjoy your weekend…and the trip down memory lane.


1. howie - April 9, 2007

james blount is the biggest wuss of them all

2. candice - April 10, 2007

oh man…george michael looks sooo gay in that pic!

3. roger - April 10, 2007

I AGREE stipe would kick some ass…don’t let the music fool ya!

4. whatpushesmybuttons - April 10, 2007

Btw…I “digitally remastered” this post with images to give it a fresher look.

Yes, I believe that if Stipe found out who said he had the wussiest song ever he’d beat that asshole into the ground!

5. james - April 17, 2007

I agree…poor job by aol…as usual 😉

6. nincompoop - May 22, 2007

howie: you’re beautiful…you’re beautiful….you’re beautiful…its true

7. Katie Pace - April 19, 2008

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Johnston, Neil

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