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Stick a Fork in Them August 31, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in critique, opinion, sports.

Stick a Fork in Them

That’s directly off bostondirtdogs.com
I can’t take much creative liberty for that 🙂

It’s a pretty funny site for those who haven’t seen. Written by Red Sox fans about the Red Sox and their fans.

The latest thing is blaming their recent bad luck on a crow that apparently “ran” onto the field a few weeks ago. Apparently the crow was injured and sat on first base for a while and hobbled around the field.

The crow spurred quite a bit of humorous remarks from Red Sox fans:

‘I don’t remember seeing anything like that,’ said Elliott Ginsburg, a 64-year-old Sox fan who’s held season tickets since 1972. ‘That thing ran from base to base pretty good. I think he was faster than [Doug] Mirabelli was getting to the plate last night.’ ”

‘He can probably hit better than Mirabelli,’ snapped Anthony Taurasi, 32. ‘He’s probably just as good [on the basepaths] as Manny Ramírez.’ ” — 8.2.06, Boston Globe

“In Greek superstition crows are seen as a bad omen, often foretelling death.”
— OldSuperstitions.com

Pretty funny stuff actually. It actually got some attention in the Boston Globe as well as on Seth Mnookin’s blog (he wrote an apparently good book about the economics behind the Red Sox) http://www.sethmnookin.com/blog/2006/08/31/introducing-the-curse-of-the-gimpy-crow/

Anyway for those who don’t follow baseball I can’t help you much here, but for anyone immersed in the Yankees vs Redsox “rivalry” will get a kick out of this comment by one of the Red Sox players:

“Are you dealing with rational people? I don’t know, they’re Red Sox fans. If they want to boo, what are you going to do?” — 08.30.06, Kevin Youkilis

I guess for this year we won’t have to worry about the Sox in the playoffs…although I’m sure that will equal another first round loss to the Angels or White Sox.



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