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Fast Food Nation – Literally August 30, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in critique, eating, food.

So just got this forwarded to me. It’s a new “fast food” restaurant in the Village. Actually they have this concept at some rest stops, hot food in a vending machine. But actually displaying the food in the vending machines that you’re about to purchase after a night of drunken debauchery is a novel concept. Here’s an article about the new “restaurant” called Bamn!:

The Automat has returned.

Why it took fifteen years to bring back grilled cheese in a vending machine, we’ll never know.

Today marks the red hot opening of Bamn!, the 24-hour St. Mark’s crave shack that serves up wholesome, coin-accessible food all under three bucks. With a dozen mouth-watering options in full view behind clear plastic doors, you’ll be overwhelmed by choice—spicy breaded wings or chicken nuggets? After a big night, this might be the most important question in the world.

Because we care deeply about how you spend your dollar, we took on the heavy task of tasting each and every item available at Bamn! and created three tasting menus, created from a complex matrix of taste, texture, and value—including the house “omakase”:

THE $15 “CHEAP DATE” – 2 PB&J Krokets as a starter, 2 Terigrilled Chicken Burgers and French Fries (go big time and spring an extra 75 cents for truffle aioli dipping sauce), and finish off the romance with a Green Tea Soft Serve to share.

THE $10 “UD BEST OF BAMN!” – Our picks for the best dishes here: Musubi, a Hawaiian layering of rice, seaweed, and seared Spam (it doesn’t get better than Spam from a vending machine), Teriburger, Roast Pork Buns, and the hands down Bamn! winner—the phenomenal Mac and Cheese Krokets, aka sticks of heaven.

THE $5 BAMN! CHEF’S “OMAKASE” – spicy breaded chicken Wings, Mozzarella Sticks, and a sticky glazed Japanese Donut (“This is a great sampler platter that should fill you up well,” opines Consulting Chef Kevin Reilly on his selections.)

Please eat responsibly, and arm yourself with plenty of napkins—you won’t find any utensils. Yes, cheap eating never looked better.


It looks pretty cool…although I’d still prefer if Roll N Roaster was still open, but I guess this will have to do for now!



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