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Hysterical Newscasts August 15, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in critique, funny, humor, video.

Ha…so just got this emailed forwarded to me from John. I’ve never seen these, perhaps some of you have. But absolutely hysterical. Well maybe not for the poor kid who was doing the newscast that day. But hey, I’ve done it. Maybe not live on network TV, but I’ve done a newscast at our top-notch TV station at Marist, and did sports without a telepromter. The result was bad, but I fought through it. And laughed. I have the video somewhere, I’ll have to vidcap it and post it for a good laugh someday. So I can definitely empathize with what he was going through.

Here’s the link to the first video

A few comments about the video:

I love the dead air. You could just hear the producer in the back either laughing his ass off or burying his head in the switcher. Either way the silence on the set speaks volumes about what was going on.

The kid mumbling to himself. He was absolutely panicked. But thinking that you know sports presumably enough to want to be a sportscaster you think you would make shit up. At least try. Anything is worse than dead air.

“And boom goes the dynamite”. That apparently is his catch phrase. Love how he pulls it out of his ass desparately.

Here’s the link to the second video

This poor guy tries to hang on despite the lack of video cooperating. Again good wholesome family comedy. Although he too stumbles throughout the newscast. But give Ball State University credit for having nice graphics on their set…although we had the same background and fake tree on the set at Marist…so boo to Ball State there 🙂



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