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MeatLoaf and FlapJacks July 19, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in food, funny, humor, music, new york city, opinion, pedestrian behavior, prostitutes, restaurant, weird.

No…it’s not the new breakfast deal at Denny’s (although that would add a little variation to the Grand Slam menu wouldn’t it?? Hmm…). Anyway, some weird things have been happening recently around us. Weird people floating around (Bridget has some doozy stories for you if you see her – including one of a prostitute walking around the street saying…”You Suck…You Suck Dick” and asking the newspaper vendor for 50 cent to buy a water. The other story was about a fight in 7-11 between an Asian and an African American woman and who cut who in line. The fight also involved a cheeseburger for breakfast (and it WASN’T who you thought would be buying the cheeseburger!).

Well last night on the way to the Yankees’ game – we thankfully left early before the rain came – we were walking past the projects on the corner of 101 and 2nd and heard music blasting from one of the apartments. Pretty typical, except this wasn’t rap, or R&B, or Latin…it was MeatLoaf. Yes, MeatLoaf. And it wasn’t Paradise by the Dashboard Lights or something rock oriented. It was “I would do anything for love”. TOTALLY out of place in the projects. I said whoever was listening was hopefully practicing for a dance recital. If not if they started letting white people move into the projects I’m getting the hell out of the neighborhood asap. Don’t want no white folk in my projects. So anyway, no more than 3 minutes later we’re on 102nd between 2nd and 3rd and I had looked down at something on the sidewalk and no sooner did I look up did I see these pair of Flapjacks walking towards us. Nope, wasn’t the IHOP mascot. These huge C to D cup breasts that were being “mildy restrained” by a mesh top. No Bra. Just hanging out in the open. Bridget’s chin practically hit the ground in shock and my head moved back and to the left (Seinfeld/JFK reference). I guess it shouldn’t surprise us to see that, but I guess it was very unexpected at 6 o’clock in the evening.

Anyway so there’s been some weird things and people going around. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the new millenia. Either way at least it’s provided some good stories to tell.



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