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Equation of happiness June 21, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in humor, nintendo.

Bridget and I were talking about a gift that her friend Kristen is giving to her fiancee. The gift is a nice Kenmore BBQ, with enough BTU’s and plenty of grill space to make any man happy. In taking about how great giving a man a grill as a gift is we came up with the equation: man + grill = happy.

I know personally that couldn’t be more true. I’m happiest when i’m working the grill. Whether it be feeding myself or feeding 3,000 like that Student Booster club BBQ we did at Marist, give me an open flame and some meat products to flame broil and I’m a happy camper. I think the same would be true for any guy…except for those who’ve had their balls removed.

Anyway, wanted to share another picture of some of the wall adornments in my office. This pic was taken standing up in my cube.

Also thanks to visiting Rob and Christine this past weekend I have downloaded a Nintendo emulator. I mean it’s not completely the same without the square controller in your hand, but you don’t have to blow into the machine every two seconds to clean out the dust. And all the favorite games were available to download as ROMS: Super Mario Bros., Ice Hockey, Bases Loaded, Rygar, Contra, Baseball Stars, Tecmo Bowl, etc etc. You can check out RomNation.net for all of the games available. Although now most of my nights will probably be dedicated to playing the old school games on my new school controller. Hopefully I can get through a season of Baseball Stars without having the game reset on me.

Perhaps this leads to another equation: man + gaming = happy. Although that will inevitably lead to another equation: man + gaming + live-in girlfriend = unhappy girlfriend. But luckily for me I have the best girlfriend in the whole wide world who won’t mind if I play Nintendo on the computer for hours on end every night. Right Bridget? 🙂 Haha…well maybe not every night. But there’s nothing really on TV during the summer that’s worth watching except for Last Comic Standing and reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond.

Now if we men can only figure out the equation for female happiness all would be right with the world!



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