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If you like this blog… May 31, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in funny, travel.

So the recent success of my blog has spurred a flurry of activity in the blogging world. Our very own John T. Williams has jumped into the frey with his very entertaining, offbeat blog covering everything from politics to science to general humorous observations. You can access John’s blog at: http://hesgotissues.blogspot.com/
I think you’ll find John’s blog just as amusing, and at times even more amusing, than mine. But just remember, I was here first! 🙂

Anyway, sorry for the lapse in blogging, I was too busy drinking and tanning in the hot Baltimore sun. My step-bro-to-be Ian has a house down there with an awesome rooftop deck over-looking the scenic Baltimore “suburbs”. Actually it’s in the middle of a “Harlem” type ghetto neighborhood, complete with back alleys, stoop dwelling, corner drinking and lots of rats. So it felt just like home! When we had the rap/R&B music blasting, the little black girls from across the alley busted out their hula hoops and started dancing. This one 7 or 8 year old must have had the hoop going round about 100 times without losing it. Seriously. I don’t even think I can fit into a hula hoop unless it was expandable. Another guy was doing tai-chi on his rooftop, complete with his kendo stick (a bamboo stick used in martial arts if you didn’t know). Seeing him flail away in the humid air staying in shape provided good comedy while I was sitting on my white sunburnt ass drinking beer.

We got to go out on Friday night in Baltimore to a few bars and when last call came around at 1:30am you had 300 college and post college kids filing out into the streets at once, their party cut short by about 4 hours. It’s funny you don’t realize why everyone dies to go out in New York City from the suburbs and other surrounding states until you see that NY bars don’t close till 4am. Watching all those masses of kids feverishly trying to hop into cars and cabs to get to the nearest Taco Bell (the only spot open past 2am) you kind of realize how good we have it here. Or how good we had it here when we did that sort of stuff…unlike now when we’re lucky to make it up past midnight.

The other major highlight of my weekend was finally breaking 100 on a golf course! Shot a 97. Not that that’s a major accomplishment but when you start getting older your arm is dead if you swing a golf club over 100 times, so I’ll take it!

That’s all the blogging news for now…I’ll have some more amusing musings next time to keep you entertained. But for now, until next time America.



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