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Better the second time around May 24, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in critique, humor, movies, opinion, random references, sex.

So today was markedly better than yesterday. Didn’t have anyone dry humping me on the train (actually was able to snag a seat for a change). Got to the Harrrrverd club at 7am and walked through those crimson halls with my head held high, like the 4.0 Yardsley graduate that I am, and got back to the office by 9. So not bad.

You know what else was better the second time around? Well…no not that…my Fusion Razor. You know, the 25 blade razor that has 10 utility blades from Gillette. You know their commercials that shows the male geting molested by multiple Playboy models while he’s shaving, followed by the utility blades on the razor making his morning coffee, fetching the newspaper and giving him a happy ending. I guess they’re not lying when they says it’s “The best a man can get”. Well the first time I used it, it not only cut off every hair on my face to the root, it pretty much cut off my face like John Travolta in Face/Off. So needless to say I put that razor on the DL for a while and went back to my “regular” 3 blade Mach3. Well I decided to give the ole Fusion a second shot this am and you know what…it didn’t disappoint! (well except for the models not suddenly appearing out of nowhere and the razor not making my morning coffee nor giving me a happy ending like Gillette advertised. Talk about false advertising! Where’s the FCC when you need them!)

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day…so make sure you go out and play with friends, animals, yourself…whatever floats your boat.



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