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Ultimate Shower Songs May 12, 2006

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So before I begin… This morning Bridget & I had a “Trainspotting Celebrity Sighting”. No not the movie. We saw a James Van Der Beek look-a-like. Dawson in the flesh. Complete with parted floppy blond hair and untucked button down shirt. His version of Joey was there too, albeit she was blond. But they argued. Separated for a bit. But then came together with an embrace. Why is this funny? No reason, except for that Bridget and I started humming the Dawson Creek theme song out loud… You know the one. “I don’t wanna wait, for my life to be over….do do do do”. Followed by my impersonation of the WB announcer saying ”on the next Dawson’s Creek.”

Anyway, so I know everyone’s done this at least once in their lives in the shower. No not that…not that there’s anything wrong with it (it’s completely sanitary and it washes away!) I’m talking about singing in the shower. You lose all inhibition and belt out your favorite, and often embarrassing, songs. Doesn’t matter how high/low key the song is, the shower is the ultimate recording studio. Everything sounds perfect to your ears. Maybe the water in our ears makes us tone deaf. But it’s definitely true. I’ve stayed in the shower a few extra minutes just to belt out a few tunes.

So this got me thinking, what are the best songs to sing in the shower? Obviously you don’t want one that requires too much movement and dancing, lest you want to slip and fall and break your leg like Brian Leetch on a patch of ice outside your home.

So being curious I did a google search on Ultimate Shower Songs. And wouldn’t you know I wasn’t disappointed. Although I don’t really agree with the list on this site, here’s the link:

Another search on songs to sing in the shower yielded:

Anyway, enough with what other people think. Here are some songs I think are the ultimate shower classics. Feel free to post your comments and I’ll add them to the list.

(In no particular order with side comments on why you should/already have sung this song in the shower)

Tempted by the Fruit of Another by Squeeze? The whole “fruit” thing… Being naked…..whatever. It’s one of your favorite guilty pleasure songs from the Reality Bites soundtrack)

Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Solely because no one can hear you shrieking a high key above the water. And no one can make fun of you when you know all of the words. And when you jump up and down during the chorus. (Again, not that there’s anything wrong with this). Actually Kelly Clarkson is becoming quite a good shower singing artist… They should give her a “Shammy” for that (Shower Grammy for those slow on the uptake).

Open Arms by Journey. To show off your sensitive side to yourself and your favorite body wash. Plus who doesn’t love Journey. Don’t Stop Believin is another shower worthy classic.

How am I supposed to live without you by Michael Bolton. Actually anything by Michael Bolton sounds good in the shower. The low key mumbling actually sounds cool acoustically in the shower. Not so much for Michael McDonald songs though… Those just sound terrible all the time.

Loving You by Minnie Riperton… It’s the only time in your life you can hit the high F without breaking glass or someone breaking your face with their fist.

Outside by Staind. When you have the ideal temperature in your shower and want to get the most out of the hot water before everyone else in your building uses it. Plus singing Staind makes you sound like a badass. Same goes with any Linkin Park or Fuel song.

Hound Dog by Elvis. Most Elvis songs for that matter. Jailhouse Rock, etc… Just be careful swinging the hips into the shower walls.

Anything by Eminem or Tupac or Biggie or any other rapper. Just because when you screw up every 4th word, you won’t embarrass yourself in front of others. And because cursing is cool in the shower. Makes you feel like a bad ass even if your flabby, untoned body is flailing away everywhere (ok…ok…unnecessary visual – but when have I NOT been one to cross the line with inappropriate comments??)

You should be dancin’ by the Bee Gees. Half for the falsetto voice you need to maintain that sounds smooth in the shower; half because shakin your tailfeather helps you get cleaner.

Do you believe in magic by the Lovin Spoonful. Especially after you caught American Pie last night on cable and Ostriker singing the song in choir practice got stuck in your head.

Light My Fire by the Doors. Great song to get pumped up to for a big night out. Or if you want to burn off all of your chest hair.

Feel like makin love by Bad Company… Another perfect “pregame” song… Or if you have a hot date with the blow up doll you just bought.

Zombie by the Cranberries… Who can resist singing the chorus as loud as you can… “In your heaaaad. In your heeead. Zom bay Zom bay Zom bay bay bay….”

Mr. Jones by Counting Crows. Only because the words are etched in your head from a hazy, pot smoking evening in college. Same goes with Weezer’s Buddy Holly, Champagne Supernova by Oasis and Jeremy by Pearl Jam.

Anything by Ashlee Simpson. Because I mean, this is just too easy. All you have to do is turn on the radio to any song and start singing the lyrics to another song. And then when you realized you fucked up, you can start doing a jig. But seriously, I feel for you Ashlee. I too had the G.E.R.D. And it isn’t pretty.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Only because you’re the only one who won’t think you sound like Weird Al Yankovic trying to sing the chorus.

Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean… Although all you probably know is the two lines in the chorus… So you just sing those over and over again. “Caribbean Queen. Now we’re sharing the same dream. Two hearts that beat like one. No more love on the run.” Awesome. Just awesome. God bless Billy Ocean. Plus it’s an endless debate on how to pronounce Caribbean. Is it Ca- rib- e -in or Carri –be- in? Some mysteries just never go explained.

I’m sure there’s tons of other fun ones….but that’s where your comments come in. Have fun with this one. Post your comments and I’ll add them to the list.


1. Olore - May 12, 2006

Stop. Enough. Seriously. I am crying.

Your 2 for 2 with American Idol references and starting to scare me. This is a side of Jette I never knew about (and am starting wish I never did).

For me, thanks to watching Annie 12 times over the weekend, “It’s a hardknock life” (not by JayZ!) and “Dumb Dog” have become staples of my showering experience. Along with the “Dora the Explorer” theme song and various other tunes from shows like “Oobi” and “Blue’s Clues” I should be singing in a pre-school shower stall. Wait. Scratch that. My parole officer is gonna kill me.

I admit though, I am not a belter, more of a hummer.

Aw crap that sounds awful. I better just stop now.

2. Sean - May 12, 2006

Can’t say I’d sing any of these songs in the shower. In fact, I don’t recall the last time I sang anything in the shower.

I echo Brian–what’s up with the American Idol references? Is this what happens when you’re living with a significant other? Tricia made me watch parts of that show Wednesday night while quality programming like “Lost” was airing. No worries; I layed down the gauntlet on that. I just don’t get the fascination. However, I will agree that Kelly Clarkson has some catchy songs. At least one good thing came out of that crummy show (besides Simon Cowell’s barbs against shitty singers).

3. Roger - March 23, 2007

Dude…can’t believe I missed this post! Hysterical…you gonna update the list soon???

4. gary - March 26, 2007

nice list!

5. candice - March 26, 2007

OMG…you need to have a part 2 to this list….PRETTY PLEAASSEEEE 🙂

6. bethany - March 29, 2007

haha…funny list! Although if you do update i’d maybe throw in some pussycatdolls!!! that would be an awesome shower song don’t ya think 😉

7. roger - April 4, 2007

thanks alot bethany i have that song stuck in my head!

although all i can think of is that girl from american idol auditions. the one who wasn’t wearing a bra.



8. james - April 17, 2007

oh god yes…the one who looked like miss chokesondick from south park!!!!

9. roger - April 17, 2007

yep…all that was missing was the kittens trying to suck on her nipples!! haha

10. janet - April 17, 2007

you guys are seriously f’d up! haha.

11. roger - April 17, 2007

janet …you can suck my balls…lol…hahaha

12. janet - April 17, 2007

present them!

grace :D - August 5, 2012

nice comeback

13. roger - April 17, 2007

touche janet, touche

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15. Shakira - May 13, 2010

um……….yeah. this is shakira. i sing all these songsss!!!!!!!!

16. Sexychick - May 13, 2010

come into my shower!!!!!!

17. Sexychick - May 13, 2010

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee i want to suckkkk youuu

18. Anastasia - November 2, 2012

No pun intended, but I sing It Will Rain by Bruno Mars! It sounds great in the shower haha

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