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Welcome to the first of hopefully many blogs… May 11, 2006

Posted by whatpushesmybuttons in American Idol, celebrities, critique, music.

Welcome to the first of hopefully many blogs on my often comical, many times nonsensical musings on life, what “pushes my buttons” and my general observations of people.

Despite the crappy weather, today is actually a good day so far. No one cut me off walking to work through Grand Central. No one pushed, shoved and argued on the train. Maybe the gloomy weather works like Zoloft, keeps everyone sedated.

OH, and I would like to officially go on record saying I completely called the whole Chris Daughtry getting voted off American Idol thing. Yep, called that when the final 20 or so was announced months ago. He’s the most talented person on the show by far, but I had a feeling he wasn’t gonna make it. Here’s why:

a) Winning Idol would be a great honor, but not great for a rock career. He would become too “poppy” and have to appeal to too broad of a range of people, rather than just concentrating on being a rocker (ie: Kelly Clarkson).

b) The “early gray” vote goes to Taylor…yep, all of those who turn grey at an early age who don’t resort to using hair coloring, they are a powerful voting body. More powerful than you would think. I mean Taylor can sing somewhat ok and has “charisma”, but can you see him doing anything else with his career besides touring with Michael McDonald and singing “Taking it to the streets”? I didn’t think so.

c) Katharine, being the only girl, gets the all important perv and feminist vote. Case in point, a few older males in my office who are obvious pervs drool over Katherine. Despite her messing up words or “butchering songs” like Kelly Pickler, men drool over her. Especially when she lays on the floor singing some hippy song by a obvious Joss Stone wannabe…K.T. whatever your name is…Black horse in a cherry tree? That was obviously appealing to the lesbian vote. And being the only female left obviously she’s getting the feminist/women’s right vote. Oh and side note, when she was standing behind the judges signing “Hound dog” by Elvis, notice how Simon didn’t turn around. Paula basically eye humped her and Randy gave a half enthused/half wish I was still in Journey clap. Simon stared straight ahead. Knowing full well that she was gonna win this damn thing despite what mean things he can say about her during judging.

d) The alien vote…goes to Elliot. Just saying the name Elliot sounds like you’re saying Elliot from the movie E.T. Ell e ut. Ell e ut. Don’t get me wrong, the boy can sing, but can he sell out stadiums across the country? I know he gets some sympathy for his tough upbringing and being deaf in his ears, but who’s gonna remember him next year after he releases one record like Ruben Studdard did and gets mediocre air play. Btw, I do like that Ruben “Sorry” song, even if they only played it on WBLS. (That’s the Black Listening Service FM channel from those not from NYC).

So how does this play out? Well vocally, Kat is technically the strongest followed by Elliot and Taylor. But unless Kat steals some of the rocker/I can’t believe how hot Chris Daughtry is – his wife is soooo screwed when he makes it big vote that is now up for graps, I say Idol is going grey….

That ends today’s blogging day…

As my old Junior High School Assistant Principal used to sign off on the loudspeaker…. “Be kind to each other out there”.



1. Anonymous - May 11, 2006

” few older males in my office who are obvious pervs drool “… oh like you’re not talking about yourself!!! hehehehe

2. Anonymous - May 11, 2006

You watch American Idol? I mean…you watch it AND admin it? haha

Looking forward to reading more.


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